About Us

Sisters On The Mat

Sisters on the Mat was established in 2012, to show support to our youth female wrestlers by linking them up with our high school girl's team.

How We Started

Sisters on the Mat began as a mentorship program between the two generations. The girls showed support by going to each other's events, writing each other letters, buying tournament snacks and drinks, and celebrating holidays and season triumphs with each other. On and off the mat, they were family, SISTERS!

How We Have Grown

Sisters on the Mat has spread state and nation-wide! We have traveled together to National tournaments, we have linked girls together from across the state as "sisters," and we come together for camps and clinics as well. There is no age requirement or limit for Sisters on the Mat and it is not limited to the elite female wrestler.

What We Are

Sisters on the Mat is a non-profit organization looking to support female wrestling across the nation however we can! We provide information about tournaments, clinics, camps and colleges.

Our Goals

Every year we look to expand to the need of the girls. Our goals are to eventually be able to provide scholorships to the athletes to participate in camps, clinics and national tournaments with the help of SOTM. With your help we can reach these goals and provide amazing opportunities for them.

Help Build Strong Women